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 to Ching-Chong-Ling-Long Takeout, Westwood's newest, sexiest, drop-dead delicious Asian-food Delivery. We at The Palace Restaurant Seafood & Dim Sum (located at 11701 Wilshire Blvd at the Barrington intersection) started C2L2 Takeout in order to provide UCLA students/staff with quality, affordable Asian foods. We are the only Westwood delivery service with gourmet Chinese chefs who make your favorite Asian foods fresh-to-deliver for an authentic food experience. Check out our recent feature in the LA Weekly

We believe that the best way to combat intolerance is through a positive cultural experience mixed in with a healthy serving of humor, and hope that after you try us, you too will feel that way.

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   Our freshly prepared Beef and Broccoli


We are open 7 Days a Week and accept orders for the night until 9:30pm.

Delivery Hours
Mon-Fri:  5pm-10:30pm
Sat-Sun: 2pm-10:30pm

Our chefs make your food fresh-to-order, so please allow 45 min for delivery.
(North Campus Math Help: If you're looking to receive your food at 8pm, consider ordering at 7:15pm at the latest)

How our customers feel when we're not open
Because everyone likes a cute cat picture
Chicken Chow Mein
Mix Vegetable Deluxe

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Combination Plate ($7)

Choice of any Two Entrees, Hot and Sour Soup, and    Steamed Rice

                       Chef's Special ($9)

                                A La Carte

All entrees come with Steamed Rice

Entrees ($6):          Sweet & Sour Pork
                                Mongolian Beef
                                Beef w/Broccoli and Snow Peas
                                Curry Chicken
                                Kung-Pao Chicken
*For those wondering how fresh our chickens are, we actually rear our own stock in chicken coops (built using the plans here at Tom's Chicken Coop Plans). If you're also interested in learning the right way to build a chicken coop, look no further.
                                House Special Chow Mein*
                                House Special Fried Rice*

Veg. Entrees ($5):  Vegetable Curry
                                 Mix Vegetable Deluxe
                                 Vegetable Fried Rice*
                                 Vegetable Chow Mein*
                                 Ma-Po Tofu
                                 Hot and Sour Soup

*Besides our obviously yummy food, we're also holding a competition for our customers. Order anytime within this month and you might get to win some of these awesome gaming monitors here, this wireless mouse or these turntables, if listening to old vinyl records are your thing.
*Fried Rice and Chow Mein Entrees do not come with Steamed Rice

Delivery Locations

Our deliverers have an excellent knowledge of the UCLA campus + surrounding areas and will be more than willing to deliver to your favorite late-night locations as long as they are located in the  following areas:

UCLA Campus
Westwood Village
North Village
Fraternity/Sorority Row
*Some of our sorority gal customers have also started to open up a little store on perfumes for women, so check that out. Another noteworthy thing is that even full-time moms who frequent our delivery service have requested for some help with potty training their kids. If you're one of them, click here. Alternatively, you can check out this Down To Five guide for potty training boys.

Partnership Stores

In partnership with our neighboring store (a bedding store which coincidentally has some of the most accurate king size mattress reviews as well as an excellent choice of neck pain pillow), we have decided to fund a local pest control service center that teaches you ways to kill roaches - since we all know common pests are an issue in student campuses.
We even deliver to the tunnels...jk

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Contact Us

Phone Number: (310) 979-3377
(Mention UCLA Delivery when you call)
Email: [email protected]